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1x comic
3x Homestuck fanart
1x commission
1x OCs
1x genderbent mainstream superhero(ine)

First up, comic strip!

[Image description: A four-panel comic strip.
First panel shows a young man with a mohawk and glasses sitting in front of a laptop with a drawing tablet attached to it. He is eating a lime green popsicle. The text reads, "Step 1. Eat lime popsicle." There is a sound effect reading "om nom nom"
Second panel shows the same young man sitting in front of the same laptop; the stick to the popsicle he was eating in the last panel is now off to the side, and his attention is focused on the tablet and the laptop. The text reads, "Step 2. Forget you ate lime popsicle."
Third panel shows the same young man standing in front of a sink and a mirror, leaning forward and sticking his tongue out at his reflection. The text reads, "Step 3. Look in mirror, notice lips and tongue have turned green." There is a sound effect reading, "bleh?"
Fourth panel shows the same young man holding both hands to the sides of his head with an expression of open-mouthed panic on his face. The text reads, "Step 4. Have the stupidest moment of panic in your life." The young man is saying, "OH GOG, I'M TURNING INTO A HOMESTUCK TROLL!"
The entire strip is very, very funny.]

[Image description: A picture of the character Gamzee from the webcomic Homestuck. He is a troll, which means he looks like a human teenager with gray skin, a pair of red/orange/yellow horns on his head, a mop of unruly black hair, yellow eyes, and purple fingernails. He is standing slightly slumped forward with a dazed and mildly amused expression on his face. He is wearing a black t-shirt with a purple Capricorn symbol on it, black pants with gray spots all over them, and purple shoes. His face is painted like a black-and-white clown and he is holding a black bicycle horn. All in all, he looks incredibly dopey.]

Gamzee is one of my top three favorite trolls. (The other two are Equius and Tavros. I tried to pick just one favorite but it didn't work out because they are all amazing.)

In related news, help I am obsessed with a crappy webcomic about people who can't type.

Tavros Nitram from the webcomic Homestuck, but he doesn’t show up until Act 4 or whatever so you’ve got some reading ahead of you.

Anyway, this dude is one of my top three favorite Homestuck characters. Seriously, he is adorable beyond belief. The worst troll of all time, literally incapable of hate, desperately believes in fairies… plus, sweet hair.

On an unrelated note, fcking wheelchairs, how do draw?

[Image description: An adolescent male troll with grey skin, yellow eyes, and red/orange/yellow horns reminiscent of a Texas longhorn sprouting from either side of his head. Between these two horns is a sweet black mohawk. His expression is a shy smile. He is wearing a black jacked, black pants, brown sandals with white socks, and a black t-shirt with the Taurus astrological symbol on it. He is also sitting in a wheelchair. Furthermore, he is totally awesome.]

Equius Zahhak is also from Homestuck. He is STRONG, appreciates fine art, wants to be an archer but keeps snapping the bows because of his STRENGTH, and has a bit of a BDSM thing going on. Other points in his favor include his fantastic fashion sense. Love the cleats + shorts + tights combo. Someone on Tumblr said that in their headcanon, Equius’s tights are thigh-highs with lace and little black bows at the top. I am so okay with this.

[Image description: A teenage boy with grey skin, shoulder-length black hair, cracked sunglasses, and well-defined muscles. He is wearing a black tank top with the Sagittarius symbol on the front in blue, grey shorts, black tights with grey vertical stripes, black fingerless gloves, and black cleats. On his head, he has one whole horn shaped like a curved arrow, but the other horn has been broken off. He is grimacing, and some of his teeth are cracked/broken. Fists clenched, wide stance, but apart from that he is just kind of standing there.]

This is a commission from Jesse on behalf of Rah. (Again, click to make it bigger.) It's their RP characters Adam Gage (left) and Rufus Jasper Griffin (right). The gist of the situation is that magic has just returned to the world, so the cows on Adam's farm have gone all wacky and Rufus is TOTES EXCITE about it, which I can completely relate to. Also: gay fairies dressed for clubbing. Because WHY NOT.

[Image description: The scene is a cow pasture. In the foreground are two young men in their twenties. They are holding hands. The man on the left (Adam) is taller and leaner, and is smiling in an indulgent fashion. He is being led along by the man on the right (Rufus), who is shorter and pudgier and wearing a pink t-shirt with an upside-down Triforce on the front and the slogan "HYLIAN PRIDE." It is an incredibly clever shirt and everyone should aspire to own it, copyright infringement be damned. Anyway, Rufus is mid-stride, one knee up in the air and the opposite foot barely on the ground, and he is pointing excitedly at a cow. There is a speech bubble above his head with a chibi-cow in it, followed by several exclamation points. Also in the foreground are six tiny fairies, all dressed like gay men going clubbing, all clustered around Adam. One is riding on his shoulder, one is holding his free hand, one is riding on his boot, and one is diving into his pocket. The rest are just floating around. The background of the image contains ten dairy cows, each slightly off. From left to right, we have
- a light blue cow with dark blue spots
- a light purple cow with dark purple spots and big feathery wings
- a brown cow with a long snake's tongue
- a brown cow with six legs
- a red cow with horns and a devil's tail
- a cow with square spots in red, yellow, and blue
- a cow with rainbow spots
- a white cow with a unicorn's horn
- a white cow covered in tiny pink hearts
- a white cow with black zebra stripes]

If it's not already clear, this commission was ridiculous amounts of fun to do, A++, would draw again.

Wendy Wagner and Thomas W., once again. Together, they fight crime! form an elite dumpster-diving, shoplifting, wheatpostering duo fighting for anarchy and the right to fuck shit up. Not necessarily the best role models for, well, anyone. They are also TOTAL BROS 4 LYFE. You’ll have to look elsewhere for your UST, because these two are intensely platonic.

[Image description: Two human teens, one male and one female. The girl, on the left, is white (somewhat jaundiced) with long, shaggy brown hair, a green v-neck t-shirt, and pale blue jeans. She is in a wide stance with her hips cocked to one side. One of her arms is around the boy’s shoulders, while the other arm is held up over her head, giving the British two-fingered eff-off sign to the sky. Her face has a manic grin on it full of pointed teeth, and while her head is facing the boy, her eyes are looking off to the side. The boy, on the right, is also white, and about a half-head shorter than the girl. His shoulders are slightly hunched and his hands are in his pockets. There is a small smile on his face. He has close-cropped black hair and is wearing a blue t-shirt and dark blue jeans.]

This is the Marvel character Elektra's costume on a cisman.* Because I wanted to have a visual reference for the absurdity of crimefighting costumes worn by women in mainstream comics. And because it amused me.

PLEASE NOTE! I am not the first person to do this. Not by a long shot. Those who have come before include

- Jess Fink, who made a hot-as-hell dude!HarleyQuinn in the DC reboot costume and to be perfectly honest was probably my biggest inspiration in doing this, please go check out her stuff she is amazing.

- Megan Rosalarian Gedris's "Dressed to Kill" series, which includes male versions of Miss America and Black Canary, among others.

- Humon's Skimpy Outfit series, which puts male action heroes in the aforementioned skimpy outfits that are oh-so-common on female action heroes.

- Emmit Frost by kawalynx.

[Image description: A white cisman with blue eyes and long black hair, dressed in a “crimefighting” outfit that consists of a skin-tight tanktop with only one strap, a do-rag, a “skirt” that is essentially a ribbon of fabric no wider than ten inches emanating from his crotch and held on by a belt made of same fabric, tabi boots, and copious ribbons wrapped around his arms and thighs. All of this is in bright red. He wields two sai knives, which look like very slender daggers with an almost trident-shaped handle. His pose is mid-stride and somewhat exaggerated.]

Also, guess who still needs $$$ and is totally open for commissions? THIS KID!

*I call him Oedipus because I like to pretend I'm clever.
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