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What you can expect from this journal:

- book "reviews" galore! (I use the term "review" extremely loosely, in that it's usually just me frothing at the mouth about how totally excellent or irredeemable something was. Alternatively, I go on at great length about classic literature, using a lot of quotes and some paraphrasing and some diagrams and a lot of missing the point.)

- art! I draw things! I am getting a degree in drawing things, and hope to draw better than I do now someday soon.

- writing! Some original fiction, some nonfiction articles, most of the latter will be hosted off-site and I will probably just link to.

- a ridiculous amount of queerness, because I am ridiculously queer.

So, yeah. That's me, what I do, and what I plan to keep on doing.

How do you do?
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